Two Story Media (2019)

‘Older’ is perfect for dealing with the shortness of life. It’s heavy with the weight of passing time and nostalgia, but shiny and slick enough to make you feel good anyway. And it’s an absolute ear worm.”

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Stereo Stickman (2019)

“Stylistically, Older takes the form of a pop song with a trip-hop or ambient production twang. For the most part, what you take away is the heavy groove of the beat, the addictively satisfying simplicity of the melody – particularly the hook – and the generally reflective nature of both the lyrics and the singer’s voice.”

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Tuneloud (2019)

“If you don’t feel like pop has anything interesting to offer…you’re wrong. There are some fresh things, with substance, happening out there, and ‘Older’ is one of them. Pop in general does suffer from the tendency to be over produced and generic in its sound. However, Like Lions puts a beautiful spin on things, with his own personal sonic blend.”