Two Pines Studio




Mixing the past, present and future; I have a blend of real instruments, and diverse sample libraries. For key players I've got the Baldwin Organ/drum machine, aptly named the "Fun Machine," an organ any fan of Wes Anderson's "The Life Aquatic w/ Steve Zissou" would recognize. I have a Microkorg Synthesizer, an M-Audio Code Keyboard/MIDI Controller, and coming in the Summer of '18, a standup Yamaha Piano. For guitar players I've got a Japanese Tokai Goldtop Les Paul and Mexican Fender Stratocaster with a Line 6 Flexton III or 1967 Fender Twin Reverb to plug into, or of course we can go DI into my amp/pedal library. For acoustics I've got a Breedlove Atlas Series, a Simon & Patrick Luthier, a Ukulele and for those who know how to play it, a Violin. There's a glockenspiel, a tambourine and some other fun percussive toys lying around as well.

Plugins and Samples

Finally, I have EastWest Sounds Composer Cloud, which includes over 10,000 virtual instruments with millions of samples and presets, so whether you want a harmonium, war drums, a whole orchestra or just some mean fuzzy synth's, we can get as wild as you want. I also use Slate Digital plug-ins which use authentic analog modeling to make for some really awesome and classic sounding preamps, eq's, compressors, reverbs, and delays. 




In this digital world I think its important to use the modern tools available to us, while also not forgetting the tools of the past. Like many musicians, my musical roots were laid as a kid in my parents basement, and the basements of friends and family; stomping pedals, hammering out chord progressions and singing until my voice went out. It's this marriage of the old and new, and the feeling of home that makes Two Pines Studio a great place to make music.