Born and raised in Spokane, WA I have made my home in Seattle for the past decade with my wife and two dogs. I've been performing and making music since before my 10th birthday and I spent most of my adolescence performing all over the Pacific Northwest; playing guitar and fronting rock bands (Mylestone 2002-2007, Cyrus Fell Down 2011-2012) as well as performing solo as a singer/songwriter. During my time as the lead singer and co-songwriter for Spokane, WA band Mylestone I was mentored by Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge, Slash) and my music garnered interest from 2003 ASCAP Song of the Year winner Jimmy Allen (Puddle of Mudd) as well as former Sunny Day Real Estate guitarist/songwriter Dan Hoerner. Dan and I ended up working together on my first full length record, a project known as "Pictures of Plastic Horses," which was engineered and co-produced by Seattle composer/producer Ben Kersten, whom I also worked with under the name Like Lions to create the 16-track monster of an album "All Be Fine" in 2013. 

I spent 2008-09 studying audio engineering at Orbit Audio with Seattle producer and studio owner Joe Reineke and for the  past decade I've been fine tuning my songwriting and production skills, cataloging hundreds of pop and rock songs as well as instrumental compositions, ready to be tailored to your needs. I've had music featured on MTV's "Teen Mom," indie-films like "The Big Sayonara" and I have performed studio guitar/vocal work for commercials by AT&T, Taco Time, and Amazon. I recently completed studies through Berklee College of Music Online, focusing on Orchestral Composition and Music Composition for TV & Film, and I've truly enjoyed composing music to picture for a wide variety of instruments.

Perched in a quiet neighborhood, buried in the great Pacific Northwest, my goal at Two Pines Studio is to use an open-mind and a creative environment to help record, compose and produce great music that tells a story. I have a knack for pop-styled hooks and a strong desire to express emotion and convey a message with my music. Contact me today about your project and let me help you get the music out of your head!